FEELING BLUE?…or maybe pink? Or something in between?  What you need is an Endless Summer Hydrangea.  This repeat bloomer offers gardeners gorgeous color all season long.  They are a winner in a foundation planting or in a container.  They even make a gorgeous cut flower centerpiece.

Speaking of color – did you know that you can change the color of the bloom on your Endless Summer Hydrangea?  You can change your hydrangea color by changing the ph of the soil.  Pink to blue – add aluminum sulfate to the soil around the plant, blue to pink – add lime.  These products are available packaged specifically to change hydrangea color at your local garden store.

In our zone the Endless Summer Hydrangea will perform best with at least 6 hours of sun.  In winter they will benefit from having the crown of the plant covered with a wood and/or leaf mulch through May to help protect the buds and any new growth from a late freeze.

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