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Miracle Farms Landscape Contractors - Moultonbourough, NH
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 by Frieda Yueh
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Complete landscaping

We spent considerable time researching the local landscaping firms. Our backyard, sloping to the lake, had never been tamed and was a haphazard unattractive assortment of boulders, weeds, and broken wooden steps, with extensive unsightly erosion at the waterfront. We wanted a perched beach, a large stone fire-pit area, a place to play lawn games, several large wooden planting boxes, stone paths, and a large stone patio area with a sitting area. Three firms offered to visit our property and submit bids.

Miracle Farm owner Chris Maroun was by far the most impressive. What is unique about Chris is his creative and visionary approach to landscaping. He has an uncanny ability to look at a piece of property and see its individual potential. Each property appears different to him, which is why none of his hundreds of projects look the same as another. It would be easy to propose and install a cookie cutter template for clients; we had the impression that was what the other landscapers were proposing during our discussions with them. We wanted a good degree of uniqueness to our landscaping. Chris walked each area and was excited to describe the ideas that came to mind.

The Miracle Farm workers are all keenly skilled in their own areas - stone cutters and installers, planting designers, excavators, irrigation experts, etc. We have never seen such a hard-working team of perfectionists. They were all courteous and operated within a culture of doing things correctly vs. being focused on time. There were many days when a team took hours to cut and place a large stone in the exact shape and position they desired.

The pricing of our project was very reasonable compared to other quotes.

At the conclusion of the project, we were amazed with what Miracle Farms delivered. Even though we were given detailed plans, we were unable to envision the end result from a flat diagram. But Chris and his team knew, all along the way, what they were building. They completely exceeded our expectations on every level - preservation of the unique elements and vegetation on the property, design that solicits praise from those who visit us, work ethic and productivity, communications between Miracle Farm and us as property owners, pricing, management of the project, and finish of every work item promised.

We feel incredibly fortunate that there is a firm of this quality in our neighborhood. We will enjoy Miracle Farm’s artistry for decades.

 by Malcolm MacColl
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Landscaping

Chris, I am writing to thank you for everything you have done for our property as well as for us. I consistently and constantly tell people that I have never worked with a company / a team as hard working, as dedicated, as courteous and as passionate as the Miracle Farms team. You, and all of your employees, are myopically focused on providing perfection! As the beneficiary of that dedication, I want to thank you beyond any measure. It is such a privilege to be associated with Miracle Farms and you. You even walked an extra fives miles and used your reputation and influence to get us a driveway before time ran out. What an extraordinary bonus. Again, thanks seem almost inadequate. Bottom line, you are a sensational person who presides over a remarkable company. Thank you for all the care and concern you have provided to us. I know this is only the beginning of a longstanding relationship.

Mr MacColl,Wow! What generous words - thank you! A note like yours elevates the crew and makes all the hard work worthwhile. To know that we had a role in creating a space for you and your family to enjoy for years is why we do what we do. We are thrilled that your partnership with us was so positive and we look forward to continuing it. Many thanks for taking the time to write a review. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

 by Alison Vieira
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Landscaping, patio and outdoor kitchen installation

If you are Iin search of a high standard, knowledgeable with great customer
service company , you have found it with Chris and his team! 😃👍🏽
We absolutely love our backyard now and owe it all to Chris, Hayden, Nathan and the rest of the Miracle Farms team!. Chris holds his quality of work to very high standards and will work with you to ensure the job gets done right!😊👍🏽 We were happy to find a service company where“Good enough ” is not good enough. Thank you Chris and Hayden! I will remiss to not especially thank Chris for his plant, tree selections. We continue to be in awe of the splendor of color in our backyard!! 😃🙏❤️

Mrs Vieira,We are very grateful that you shared this with us, many thanks. We all enjoyed working on this project and are so appreciative to partner with clients who enjoy and participate in the process fully. Your property is beautiful and we hope you continue to enjoy it for years to come. Many thanks to both of you.

 by Joe Keegan
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Pruning

We would like to say what a great job of pruning our shrubs the two employees did yesterday afternoon. They had to deal with a couple of heavy rain storms. Our shrubs have never looked any better. Thanks again for a job well done.

Joe & Pat Keegan

Thanks Mr Keegan! We are happy you are pleased with the work and will be sure to let the guys know. Many thanks for your continued business!

 by Bob Murphy
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: landscape design & construction

Miracle Farms gets an A+ for a great job in making our vision a reality! We are 100% sure we made the right choice in choosing Miracle Farms.
The team at MFL are all highly skilled professionals that do fantastic work. We are very pleased with the end product. Chris met with us and it was immediately apparent that he is extremely knowledgeable in landscape design & construction. Miracle farms also has ALL the necessary equipment to tackle and overcome every issue to meet their clients’ expectations. They built an absolutely stunning walkway, patio and retaining/sitting wall, completely transformed our waterfront, and were able to level a sloped, boulder filled, barely usable space into a visually appealing & functional parking area for us. A few stumps and boulders were so massive, they basically brought in bigger and bigger pieces of equipment until they got the job done. To finish off the job, MFL planted over 100 perennials, a dozen or so various trees, hemlocks, and arborvitaes, installed an irrigation system, and mulched the entire property.
Only problem now is we never want to leave 🙂
Thanks again Chris, Nathan, Jose, and the entire Miracle Farms team!

 by Glenda
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Driveway regrading and dressing

This was our first experience with Miracle Farms Landscaping. They were prompt and professional thru the entire process . They weren’t the lowest bid for the job but made up for it with their prompt and professional service! Nathan and his crew were great! A rare find in our area.

 by Dennis G
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Landscape

For the past 8 years Miracle Farms has been our landscaping and lawn maintenance company of choice. They truly have the Midas touch as their ideas and creativity completely beautify our property. We recently completed a small addition and wanted some new landscaping adjacent to it. When Chris came to recommend what would look good, he said “how about a rock play yard for the grandkids”! They brought in the perfect rocks and shapes and set them so that the kids can safely climb and jump from one to the other. They love it! The rock play yard is lined with beautiful flowering plants, new trees, stepping stones, river rocks and they also set new irrigation to keep it all thriving! When Miracle Farms does a new project or landscape maintenence, it is done timely, professionally and always far exceeds our expectations! Thank you Chris and the entire hard working team at Miracle Farms! We appreciate the quality work and the company’s high standards for customer satisfaction!

 by Robert Gaffoglio
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Create/improve planting beds and reseed lawn.

Chris and Anne Marie are great to work with. They understand what you want and propose the best way to achieve it. The staff works professionally and efficiently, finishing the work quickly and neatly. Several neighbors have already told me how good the property looks.

 by Bill Drummey
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: New flower beds and decorative plantings

Chris was here in the morning, scoped out the work and materials and the work was completed by 6:00PM. This was not a trivial job. His people were industrious, courteous and thorough. Results exceeded expectations. Still can’t believe everything is done—-and done so well. I continue to be a very satisfied customer.

 by Jenny Robson
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: fall cleanup and stone work

Our beautifully planted "wild" landscape was suffering from neglect, and Chris was great at understanding our desire to leave it unmanicured, but cared for. The crew's work was very high quality, and our paths and outdoor living areas have been rescued from weeds and invasives -- while maintaining the unplanted feel of the place. Not an easy challenge, and they passed with flying colors. Stone work was also very sensitively done and natural looking. Count us as Miracle Farms fans!

 by Barry Goldenberg
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: House painting and Landscaping

Chris handled our landscaping and Nick handled the painting and siding repair of our house. We are thrilled with how both projects turned out. In both cases they went above and beyond what we expected. Their respective teams were fast, friendly, efficient and neat. Chris and Nick responded quickly to any questions we had. We cannot say enough. Thanks again!

 by Carol Kreick
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Landscaping, patio design and build

Couldn't be happier! Professional, creative, excellent workmanship, responsive and a wonderful, attentive crew. Highly recommend Miracle Farms Landscaping and Miracle Farms Property Management services.

 by Bill Drummey
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Landscape Plantings

Hi Chris - Just a note to tell you how pleased we are with the job you folks did in installing the lilacs and perennials. Everything is very healthy and looking good. When they left, your guys did a great job of cleaning up (as usual) and you would never even know they were here.

 by Dave Laurello
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Landscape and Property Management

We've been a customer of Miracle Farms Landscaping for 17 years. We've always found their landscaping work to be of the highest quality --- adding a unique value to our home on the lake.

Last year we became a customer of Miracle Farm Property Management. Nick and his team performed weekly house checks over the winter months and as necessary brought in excellent sub contractors to attend to any issue that came up.

We found Nick to be reliable, dependable and trustworthy. Knowing that Nick was available 24x7 to deal with any issue that came up, gave us such a "Piece of Mind".

Thank you Chris and Nick ... keep up the great work.

Dave and Lauren

 by Janis
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: spring cleanup

Hi Chris, Just wanted to let you know that your crew did a really nice job on cleanup last Friday. We happened to be up and saw how they treated the property, perennials, and bushes as if they were their own.

 by Gerry and Diane H.
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Property Management

We have used Miracle Farms Property Management for brief house checks, letting contractors in and out, trash pick up, house cleaning, opening the house for us prior to winter arrivals, and snow removal. In addition Miracle Farms Property Management has been our local reference for everything from a vet for the dog to local mountain biking trails.

 by Jerry and Kim Nine
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Landscape and Property Management

We are extremely satisfied with Miracle Farms Property Management. They are always professional and promptly responds to our questions and needs. Having been a customer of Miracle Farms Landscaping for over 10 years, and now being able to have both our outside grounds as well as our home cared for from one organization, greatly reduces the time and effort involved in caring for a second home. We would recommend their services to anyone interested in a using a high quality property management company as well as caring for their outside landscaping.

 by Laura C.
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Landscaping

Thank you Chris Maroun, Andrea Broussard and the crew at Miracle Farms for making my vision a reality! The team is professional, hard working and actually, they are artists! I can't say enough good things about the Miracle Farms experience, (and I am not easy to please!!!) this is actually the second time they have done a landscape project for me. Thank you all for creating an amazing new landscape for our home. I will always recommend your work!

 by Mary and Geno
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Landscape Planting

Chris.. what a perfectly beautiful surprise your redo was...I love it and now I feel like the whole thing is just beautiful......I loved your selection of plants!!! Thank you so much for wanting your customers to be happy with everything! You business philosophy embodies everything about what customer service truly means.....Have a great weekend! Love my flowers!!!!! Mary (and Geno too!!)

 by Kevin Conway
What Type of Service did Miracle Farms provide?: Complete Landscaping

Hi Chris,

Long time, no see! I wanted to let you know how thrilled Laura & I are with the landscaping at the house – it came out beautiful, and we couldn't be happier. The garden is beautiful, the driveway gravel is working out well like you said, it’s starting to pack down, and the hydro-seed guys that you set us up with did a nice job too.

Laura’s out there a couple times a day keeping it all watered it down, we’re just waiting for the grass to grow. Can’t wait until it comes up, we just got a new mower we’re dying to try it out. She’s so excited to finally have her garden in between the buildings, you can’t imagine. You & the guys really did a great job, & Laura said the crew was really easy to work with.

I see there’s a lot going on with the Miracle Farms UW drive too - I saw the picture with the shirts, you & the crew were all in 100% again this year, that’s awesome to see that kind of commitment. We really appreciate what you guys all do for the community.

Thanks so much for everything, hope to see you soon.

Take care,


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