Before & After: Hopkinton MA Landscaping Photos

Sometimes words just don’t cut it. Look at these before and after photos of the extensive landscaping project that the Miracle Farms Landscaping team did for a customer in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. Please be patient while the slide show gallery loads. Click the FS button in the lower right to see full screen photos.

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Project Photos: Moultonborough NH Landscaping

This is a job done right here in Moultonborough, on a beautiful, peaceful lot, with a river running through it.  Abundant wildlife, where we used plants that attract birds, butterflies, hummingbirds and other little critters.  The garden is designed to give the home owner a sequence of rotating color from Memorial day right through to Labor day.  There is nothing better than relaxing on the patio on a hot summer afternoon enjoying the peace and quiet sound of running water and birds chirping.

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Photos from an Extensive Landscaping Project in Hopkinton MA

This was a job where our clients were people who have had a home on Lake Winnipesaukee for many years. We did the original landscaping at the house, making many changes to a large wetland area and changing it from a negative to a positive and actually a beautiful part of the home.

When Jim and Leslie decided to build their new home in Massachusetts they asked us if we would come down and landscape their house for them. What a great job! We were able to really be creative and had a large area to work with, no DES issues etc. I forgot what it was like to be able to do what ever you wanted and not have to worry about high water marks and neighbors on top of you. It was also nice to be able to design something that would be used year round, and would have winter interest. We are still working on this project and hope to be finished in the first week of June. We have over 2000 perennials and hundreds of hydrangeas, hedges of Cherry Trees and Lilacs. This is truly a beautiful piece of property with a landscape to match.

Thanks for the opportunity.

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