winter landscape care lakes region nh

I love winter. And I love snow, lots of snow.  Not so lucky thus far this winter in that department, unfortunately.  It’s certainly a little more challenging to enjoy a practically snowless winter.  Sure you can still enjoy hot cocoa, warm soups and stews and a cozy fire, but it’s so much nicer to look outside and see that beautiful blanket of white everywhere.  Nicer for us and nicer for our gardens.

The lack of snow can be very hard on the landscape, too. Without the snow to help insulate the plants and prevent the frost from getting deeper into the ground, things are bound to suffer.  Trees and shrubs are extremely exposed to the recent bitter temperatures, harsh winter winds and storms of the wet freezing rain type that we have had a few times already this winter.

If you notice storm damaged trees and shrubs there are a few things you can do at this point.  With safety first and foremost, remove any loose or broken branches.  You can cut away partially broken branches just enough to remove them, but do proper pruning in the spring.   If branches are coated in ice, first take pictures because it looks really cool, then allow the ice to thaw naturally.  You can cause further damage if you break or chip away at the ice.

With some luck we’ll get some decent snowfall in the weeks to come.  After all, it makes winter what it’s supposed to be here in the Lakes Region, right?

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