Dear Chris,
We felt we just had to write you a note to tell you how much we love our new “one of a kind” walkway and patio. Jose and Luis did an awesome job and you should be proud of them and the work ethics they displayed throughout the project.

They worked from early morning to late evening each day moving those big heavy blocks of stone finding ‘just the right place’ for them and created a piece of art that is beautiful to look at. It looks so natural that our only regret is that we did not have it done years ago.

You can only imagine how much ‘dust’ is created when cutting through those thick slabs of stone. We watched one night as Jose cleaned up the workplace before leaving for the day. He blew all the ‘dust’ off the patio then blew it off the canoe and paddle boat – nice – then he came up on the deck and cleaned the deck and all the furniture – nicer – but then he went down and blew the ‘dust’ off all the shrubs in front of the house – all Joe and I could do was look at each other and say “WOW” – now that’s what we call very impressive!!

It makes all the difference in the world when people take pride in what they do. It shows in their work and Jose and Luis should be proud to know that together they created what we will forever refer to as a ‘masterpiece’ and for that we are very grateful. Thank you so much. We love you guys – you are the very best! May God Bless Miracle Farms.

Joe & Pat Keegan

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