blueberries-nhI can’t get enough of blueberries.  It’s my favorite summer berry by far.  The highlight of my summer is sometime around the second week in July when the blueberries are ripe enough to pick and eat.  The Bluecrop blueberry is my favorite and probably the most widely planted mid-season cultivar.  It produces high yields of medium to large, sweet blueberries.  The Bluecrop blueberry is a perfect choice for our New Hampshire climate.  It is disease resistant and hardy to -15 F.  The leaves are a beautiful crimson color in the fall and at 5 – 6 feet, they make a terrific informal hedge.  The birds, unfortunately love them too, so some bird netting may be necessary while the berries ripen.  Other that that, when planted in a well-drained sandy loam, rich in organic matter, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the fruit.  Oh, and have all the ingredients ready for the best blueberry cake in the world!  If you don’t happen to have blueberries growing in your back yard, they are abundant in the produce section of your local market at the moment.  Honestly, try this cake next time you have guests or surprise your family with it on a lazy Sunday morning.


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