coneflowers - moultonborough nhShhh…. It’s a secret!

It’s actually no secret at all that some of the best selling perennials on the market today are coneflowers. They are hardy and showy and easy to grow. What might just be new to you though, is the Echinacea ‘secret series’: Secret Affair, Secret Glow and Secret Love. These varieties all produce large double blooms on strong plants with a sturdy, medium habit. The flowers have a rich color that can last until the frost. Secret Affair is a mauve-rose, Secret Glow is a bright school bus yellow, and Secret Love is a pure, strong red. The blooms stand out in a garden averaging 35 large flowers per plant.
They are hardy in zones 4-10 and grow about 2 feet tall in full sun.
This is a secret you will want to share!

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