How to Water Your Garden in New Hampshire

watering-tips-new-hampshireWatering –

The time has arrived here in the Lakes Region where it is important to be on “water watch” with your garden and landscape. New plants benefit most from deep watering that gets down to lower roots as opposed to a “daily spray”. A watering wand or just the hose on low pressure is preferable to the spray nozzle that you use to wash your car. Water early in the morning to give plants time to soak it in. This eliminates evaporation in the heat of the day and helps prevent black spot and powdery mildew that can arise when water sits on the leaves. Water at the base of the plant rather than from above to help with these issues. Mulch is your friend when it comes to watering! It will help to retain moisture in the soil and it’s a great way to cut down on weeds, too. Effective watering practices can make or break everything in your landscape from shrubs to your containers of summer annuals. Protect your investment by being on “water watch” starting today!

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