July 4th in the Lakes Region

Happy 4th of July in the Lakes Region!

Happy 4th of July from The Lakes Region!

Looking for some last minute ways to spice up your Fourth of July garden party? Here are a couple of quick and easy tricks to do just that!

Decorative Lawn Stars:

  • Find a flat piece of cardboard and cut out a star to the perfect size.
  • Pick up some red, white & blue spray paint.
  • Take your star stencil out to the yard and go crazy spraying stars on the grass and create your own milky way! (The grass grows out and it will be gone in a couple of lawn cuts.)

Handkerchief Pillow Cases:

  • Go to your local Dollar store and buy 2 red, white or blue, handkerchiefs and some festive colored ribbon.
  • Take a pillow that is about an inch smaller than the handkerchief all the way around.
  • Place one handkerchief on the bottom of the pillow and a different color on the top
  • Tie the corners with your colored ribbon and you are finished!

Festive Bowling:

  • Take 10 of your recycled fruit and vegetable tin cans and remove the paper label
  • Use your left over spray paint from the lawn stars to paint the cans in festive patterns and wait for them to dry
  • Set them up in a stacked pyramid, grab an old softball or baseball and bowl your first strike!


Dinner Plate Dahlia!

What’s on your dinner plate? How about a beautiful Dinner Plate Dahlia! This flamboyant flower grows and flowers best in a well-drained sunny site with warm weather. These bulbs love the warm soil; so don’t rush to put them in the ground until the soil has warmed. These beauties will flower mid-summer and grow to be a whopping 10-12” because of this, we recommend that they have a support system to keep the stalk from snapping or flopping. You can keep these plants happy and healthy by fertilizing them with an organic fertilizer that is made for flowers, we recommend Miracle Grow. If you are hungry for a big beautiful flower, we say you eat up the Dinner Plate Dahlia!! At this point in our Lakes Region summer, many beautiful colors and varieties are available in pots at your local garden center, but don’t let this beauty slip your mind, remember it for next year’s garden. #miraclefarms

Beautiful Dineer Plate Dahlia

Beautiful Dinner Plate Dahlia

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