Flower Power

Can you think of a better way to brighten the front of your house, patio area, or to highlight an area in your garden.  Sure, they require a little more care than perennials in terms of watering and feeding, but boy are they worth it!  Instant and constant color all summer long.  The best part is that annuals put on a magnificent display with a fairly reasonable cost.  Check out some of the annual color we have planted this year.  Our secret?  Why Miracle Grow of course!

We Can Take Care Of Anything!

Due to the heavy rainfall and snowmelt we had this spring this driveway began to erode and wash away.  MFL took care of this drainage issue by installing a dry riverbed on the edge of the driveway, leading into the woods.  Taking it one step further, we planted a few perennials that overtime will bring out the natural beauty of this landscape.  Take a look at our before and after pictures below.

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