How to Water Your Garden in New Hampshire

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The time has arrived here in the Lakes Region where it is important to be on “water watch” with your garden and landscape. New plants benefit most from deep watering that gets down to lower roots as opposed to a “daily spray”. A watering wand or just the hose on low pressure is preferable to the spray nozzle that you use to wash your car. Water early in the morning to give plants time to soak it in. This eliminates evaporation in the heat of the day and helps prevent black spot and powdery mildew that can arise when water sits on the leaves. Water at the base of the plant rather than from above to help with these issues. Mulch is your friend when it comes to watering! It will help to retain moisture in the soil and it’s a great way to cut down on weeds, too. Effective watering practices can make or break everything in your landscape from shrubs to your containers of summer annuals. Protect your investment by being on “water watch” starting today!

Annual Plantings in the Lakes Region, NH

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Chances are, the bright and colorful blooms you see in gardens and containers at the moment are mostly annuals. Annuals come in an endless array of colors, sizes, and textures. They play a variety of roles in the garden – in mass plantings, as edging, for cutting, and in containers. The best thing about annuals is that you only have to commit to them for one season. It’s nice to be able to try something new every year in some areas of your garden. One season you might favor bright hot colors and the next, a palette of pastels. It’s nice to have that choice every year. Most annuals require little care aside from watering and an occasional fertilizing and in return you will be rewarded with a season-long display of cheerful color.

Annuals are available for sun or shade and most varieties are remarkably tolerant of varying conditions. They are perfect when strategically placed in perennial gardens giving color when the perennials around them are done blooming. Plant annuals in a container to enjoy portable color on a deck, patio, or porch. With a good potting  mix, adequate drainage and correct light conditions, almost anything can become a container.

Petunias are a fail-proof favorite of ours. They are amazingly easy to grow and are gorgeous in mixed plantings or containers. Here in the Lakes Region of NH we often have to consider the deer when choosing plants. Fortunately, there are some annuals that the deer seem to ignore including: nicotiana, heliotrope, cleome, calibrachoa (million bells), among several others. There are plenty of great options to give you a pop of color wherever you need it.

If you don’t have the time or inclination to plant them yourself, Miracle Farms is here to help. Our annuals team is hard at work planting creative containers and colorful beds for many of our clients. Check out some of their work below or visit our “annuals”

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